The Kit: FRANCE AWAY 1998-00

The World Cup 1998 was blessed with an array of amazing and unique football kits. The French kit worn during their run to the world title is now one of the most famous kits of all time. While the home strip will always be the most iconic we would like to pay homage to their equally beautiful away kit.

Brand: Adidas

Worn By: Didier Deschamps, Laurent Blanc, Zinedine Zidane, Emmanuel Petit, Lilian Thuram, Thierry Henry, and David Trezeguet

The Story:

The white away kit was worn only once during the 1998 World Cup in a quarterfinal matchup against the formidable Italians. At the time the French offense was not firing on all cylinders yet and had to fight Paraguay into extra time to win 1 nil in the round of 16. After a heated exchange, the match would finish scoreless after extra time neither the French or Italians capitalized on their opportunities sending the match to penalty kicks.

The pressure of the shoot out got the better of Italians once again after Luigi Di Baggio nailed his kick off the cross bar, sending the French to the semifinals. This victory was the wake-up needed and from this moment the side was unstoppable.

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The good people at Le Ballon have brilliantly cultivated their league over the past few years. Through unique media campaigns, pop up bars/restaurants/shops and clothing. Le Ballon is now a brand for creative and like-minded fans of soccer from various walks of life. Last month, on June 14th, the third season of LBFL came to a close at the State Bauer, on the outskirts of Paris.

After a 7-month season which included weekly matches as well as training sessions, Paris’ most creative and influential came together for a play-off elimination tournament/party.

On the Pitch, competition was fierce as Glory Hunters FC played David in knocking out the 2nd placed Goliath, CCC on PK’s, while River Dubplate, Public House FC and Bled FC were all eliminated early on.

Of pitch, food was provided courtesy o fPaperBoy Paris who transformed a run-down commentary box into their very own pop-up restaurant. Heinken provided the booze and River Dubplate’s sound system provided the times

An intersting thing to note is that the PSG ultras who have been banned from the Parc des Princes have found a new home on the sidelines of the LFBF in supporting the Paris 75ers. Their loud, flare filled support helped lead their team into the final where they were eventually defeated by the dominant Atletico Paris. The all blacks reclaimed the title the had won in season 1.

For more on all things Le Ballon make sure to check out leballonfc.com



We’re taking a look east for a mag that has had our attention for some time now. Shukyu is Japanese soccer magazine that exemplifies the far reach soccer has across the globe. Through high quality, intimate  photo journals and editorials Shukyu has created a unique from a region that deserves one. Their latest issue is themed after “Youth” an interesting, often controversial and rarely touched on subject.

Words from the editor: “There is a famous saying by Dettmar Cramer who is recognized as the ‘father of Japanese football.’ He stated, “Football makes the boy an adult, and makes the adult a gentleman.” I myself started playing football when I was nine years old, and through it had learned many things as I grew up. It is no exaggeration to say that what I had learned has built the person I am today.

 The theme of this issue is “youth.” From the “relaxed generation” to “millennials,” there have always been discussions regarding theories on generation. Likewise in the world of football, specific generational terms are established on the occasion of each Olympic Games and recently in particular with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics approaching in three years time, the youth generations of players are gaining more attention ever than before.

 In this issue we focus on Japan’s unique youth culture of Bukatsu (school club activities). Many people have experienced Bukatsu, however its meaning of existence is gradually beginning to change along with the changes in our times. In the world of football there are now more players who have had no experience of Bukatsu due to the increasing number of youth teams affiliated with J-League clubs. How will the circumstances surrounding Bukatsu change as repeated problems and the declining birthrate continue to progress?

In any era, it has always been the youths who have developed the culture of the times. This is something that will remain unchanged. This feature issue has been created for both those people who will bear the future era, as well as adults who had once been young people themselves. Although seemingly taking a different approach to “youth features” as seen in fashion or culture magazines, SHUKYU serves to explore this subject through is own distinct perspective. One can all but imagine the narratives that will be born from here.”

For more on Shukyu or to subscribe to the mag head over to shukyumagazine.com

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Last month we headed to London for the launch of the latest adidas boot, the Nemeziz. Amid the chaos which included freestyle exhibitions and a performance from Desiigner, we were allotted a few minutes to sit and chat with up-and-coming German sensation, Timo Werner. The young Red Bull Leipzig striker really made a name for himself last season with 21 goals and he is currently tearing it up for The German National team at The Confederations Cup in Russia. We keep it true to KTTP as we chatted soccer, style, Nemeziz and goal celebrations with Timo, have a look below. 

KTTP: What were some of your most memorable boots growing up?

TIMO WERNER: I really liked the adizero growing up and last season I liked the Messi boot. Now I’m obviously looking forward to wearing the Nemeziz. I’ve already tested them in training but I can’t wait to wear them in a game

KTTP: What are some of the features of the Nemeziz that you like?

TW: It’s the first time for me wearing a laceless boot. At first, it was a bit different but I got used to it and I ended up liking it a lot. 

KTTP: Now if you could have your own signature colorway, what would it be?

TW: White and red, matches my team colors.

KTTP: Off the pitch, how would you describe your style?

TW: I’m not a flashy guy, I like to keep it simple. A lot of my peers like to go “Bling Bling” but that’s not really my style (Laughs).

KTTP: Who on the German National would you say is the best dressed?

TW: Well we have players that fit into different styles. You have Mario Gomez and Matts Hummels who like to wear suits and something more chic. Then we have players like Jerome Boateng who wear more oversized stuff, casual and I’d use the word “swag” to describe him for sure. Me personally I’m between the two. 

KTTP: Game day music? What are you listening to before a match?

TW: Before the game, I’m not in charge of music. We have a “DJ” on our team or semi-pro DJ (Laughs). Yussuf Poulsen from Denmark. He’s in charge of the music in the locker room.

KTTP: If you were in a house that was burning down, name 3 things that you would grab?

TW: My phone, my football boots and my Playstation.

KTTP: Outside of soccer do you watch any other sports?

TW: Basketball. I like the Cavs and Kyrie Irving. Of course LeBron also, Curry and Durant are also incredible.

KTTP: Last question if you scored the game-winning goal for your country in the World Cup what would you do?

TW: Oh, it would be spontaneous, I’m not someone that plans celebrations. One from the past that I’ve done a few times is sliding on my knees for some reason (laughs) but I never really plan it.



It’s basically a guarantee at this point. Every time we dig through Instagram for our #BestOfBothWorlds list, we end up on Antoine Griezmann’s IG account. The highly touted Frenchman is a lover of basketball and while many of his peers are fans as well, Antoine seems to take his love to another level. Whether it’s rocking a vintage Kobe Bryant Jersey on a stroll down Venice beach, or chatting up Boston Celtics point guard Isiah Thomas, the dude loves himself some hoop. For even more on Griezmann’s basketball fandom check out the video below in which he quizzes the Portland Trailblazer’s CJ McCollum on famous NBA player celebrations. 


Remember a little over a month ago when adidas dropped their retro inspired kit for 2017/18? Their ad campaign featured a snippet/commercial featuring Paul Pogba and Designer set one of the latter’s songs. Well the aforementioned song is entitled “Outlet” and the video officially released yesterday. Much to our surprise the entire video actually serves as an extended version of the short adidas Man United video.  Pogba, Old Trafford and brand new away strip feature through the entire duration of the vid. Say what you will Designer, Pogba or Man United, we think this is brilliant and unique move by all parties involved.  Have a look below and let us know what you think?


When people ask “What else is left for Cristiano Ronaldo to win?” After a jaw-dropping year in which he won nearly every award and trophy imaginable, the Portuguese striker as of today has claimed another one of the sports most prestigious honors. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the official EA Fifa 18 cover star. Not only has it been a long time coming, but it’s well deserved and fitting as CR7 has been one of Fifa’s best players for years. To honor the recent news EA released a reveal trailer. Check it out below and keep it locked for more news regarding EA Fifa 18 in the days and weeks to come.



Hummel dropped the original SUPER TRIMM in the 1980s as a response to the German Sports Federation’s call to get the people of Germany into exercise and sport. Hummel created the SUPER TRIMM to fit the desired needs of the modern day athlete. Now, as part of the Hummel Hive collection, the SUPER TRIMM BLACK pays tribute to the silo and is reworked with a black nubuck upper and slick white detailing. The design is above all timeless with tribute paid to the understated color schemes of the 1980’s, and original chevron detailing included throughout. The Hummel Hive SUPER TRIMM BLACK is available now in limited quantities from premium retailers across Europe like HANON and Overkill


#BestOfBothWorlds is a hashtag very near and dear to our hearts. Our mission has always been to blend sneaker culture, streetwear, fashion, music and art with the beautiful game like never before. As such, our IG feed is filled with a broad spectrum of artists, musicians, provocateurs and taste-makers. So we decided to put together a little list of our favorite IG posts of the week from our favorite people doing things proper in the #BestOfBothWorlds.


Vapormax flow ⚽️ #nike #nyc #vapormax

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Solo Nosotros

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Recently the Chicago Fire celebrated 20 years as an MLS franchise. To commemorate the occasion DJ step dropped a mix and video which debuted over the weekend after the Fire’s 4-1 shellacking of the Seattle Sounders. The project was completely DIY from a small, Chi-Town based crew. DJ Step flexes a heavy Chicago Fire kit collection while the uplifting track is laid over a montage of local landmarks, fans, game footage and even the Chicago Fire Department. Have a look below… 

DJ Step Presents – Chicago Fire Soccer 2017 Hot Mix from DJ STEP on Vimeo.