We’re keeping it moving with our Details features, this time with an up and comer. Concave is a Manchester based brand that has steadily made their mark in a crowded soccer boot landscape with solid design and unique tech.

Concave’s speed silo entitled, The Volt+ features some of the softest synthetic material we’ve ever touched, on a fittingly lightweight upper which is also covered in tiny lightening bolts for grip. The strike zone features Concave’s most obvious and unique tech. The PowerStrike tech essentially, is a reinforced plastic that is said to offer a 15% increase in striking power. The narrow build and overall fit round off a silo built for pacey wingers with an eye for goal

Take a look at all the subtle textures and nuances of the Concave Volt+ in our detailed photos below. Also stay tuned for an Unboxing via our Youtube channel. 

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According to website Law360 adidas has accused long time rival Puma, of creating and selling a “look-a-like” soccer boot that uses the heavily policed “three-stripes” branding. The German brand has aggressively protected its trademark and recently in an Oregon federal court that claims the Puma  boots are confusingly similar with a four stripe design on the upper. A rep further argued: “Puma is not only a direct competitor, but shares a mutual history with Adidas,” the company wrote. “Puma is thus intimately familiar with adidas’s three-stripe mark and the enormous goodwill it represents.”

The boots in question are the evoPower Vigor 1, specifically the “Camo” iteration in which the four stripes are more prevalent than in other colorways. Check out the boot in question above in the feature picture section. Below are the other colorways that have been released to date. Let us know, does adidas 

For more on the lawsuit check out Law360.c0m


Following suit with the current trend in offering a more classic colorway to the in-fashion neon glitz of modern soccer boots, Umbro gives the Velocita 3 a subdued stroke of class. The “Astral Aura” is a paradox as it is the Double Diamond’s most tech rich silo with a modest dress. The upper and sole plate are dominated by black with deep plum, while the studs, collar and laces accent the darkness with a vibrant aqua.  Add the timeless, white Double Diamond branding and the boots are arguably Umbro’s best looking of the year so far. Yes we realize it’s only February but we have a hunch these will be tough to top.

As for the tech: A special tri-layer construction on the upper, with Neoprene and air mesh seamlessly blend across the entire boot giving the player touch within a silo built for speed. A modern sock-like collar is added for extra stability as well.  Lastly, the “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” paradigm applies to the sole plate as it remains unchanged from it’s predecessor. 

The Umbro Velocita 3 “Astral Aura” is available now at

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It’s pretty wild to think about the overflowing spectrum of soccer gear adidas is churning out. Case in point…The Glitch. More a movement than a boot, the interchangeable skin and chassis paradigm is not part of the Three-Stripes main stable. It is only available through an app with access codes acquired via social media. In spite of not receiving a massive corporate style push nor having a designated sponsored athlete, adidas continue to rapidly drop fresh skins for the Glitch with that “word-of-mouth/in-the-know” exclusivity. It goes against conventional methods but with the current state of brands taking notes from sneaker culture by putting out rare, unique and limited boots, there’s no time better than the present for the Glitch. 

After dropping the boldly brazen “Mirage Pack” earlier this month, adidas unleash a more subtle glove similarly called “Mirageskin.” Featuring an almost entirely black upper with minimal yellow accents on the heel tab and sole plate, the skin features unique textures plus tech solely available within the “Mirageskin” iteration. That last part is why Glitch is maintaining steam, the skins aren’t just a cool new paintjob, but an actual change in tech, the latest is no different. 

As of February 20th 2:54 PST there are #GLITCH codes available via twitter, they’re sure to go fast so check the link ASAP HERE

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Back in 2016 Neymar joined forces with Red Bull to put on the world’s biggest five-a-side tournament ever seen. Featuring 10,000 teams with 65,000 players in 47 countries, on 6 continents…the tourney was a massive success. The games were feverishly fast fast-paced thanks to the unique rules which included a 10 minute time limit and the loss of a player each time a team was scored on. This was all inspired by the style of street footy the Barcelona Starlet grew up playing in his native land.

Now onto 2017 where Neymar and Red Bull have announced the 2nd edition of the tournament this time with more regional qualifiers plus a more open player pool. In the USA, the road to the finals travels through 16 qualifiers in 10 states, kicking off March 25 in Tampa, Fla. and Dallas, TX. From there, qualifiers continue on through California, Arizona, Florida, Texas, New York, Illinois, New Jersey, Kansas, Ohio and Colorado. The top two teams from each qualifier then travel to the US finals in Miami in June.

If you’re wondering why the American qualifying process is so rigorous it’s beacause Neymar has long spoken highly of America and even playing footy state side: “Long term, if I could choose any other country to play in it would be the United States. The culture in the US is incredible, and that really attracts me – as do the amazing cities. It would be a great place to play one day.”

For more details on Neyamr Jr’s Five including registrion for regional qualifiers check out:





New Balance’s stalwart speed silo gets a new colorway made to match the recent revamp and launch paint-job of it’s stablemate, the Visaro 2.0.  In contrast, the Furon 2.0’s latest ” Alpha Orange” iteration is arguably more suited to it’s brash and built for pace DNA. Strikers a la Alvaro Negredo and Wingers a la Jesus Navas are natural fits for the newest, radiant Furon 2.0.

Of course, the Furon 2.0 features all of the massive upgrades from its predecessor. Including an engineered high-energy return mesh TPU for unique lightweight durability, a low laying sprint spike inspired collar for greater range of movement and bio-mechanical stud placement for streamlined speed.

The New Balance Furon 2.0 “Alpha Orange” is available now at select retailers and at .


It’s been a little over a year and a half since New Balance announced their reintroduction onto the footy landscape with the Visaro. The Boston based brand was calculated in their endeavor, not only by garnering a solid stable of athletes but of course by making an elite soccer boot. Originally lauded for its simplicity and function , the boot was used across all of Europe’s biggest competitions by the likes of Aaron Ramsey and his Welsh teammate Joe Ledley.

With modern tech rapidly pushing the footy envelope keeping up is a must. New Balance understand this thus have officially dropped the Visaro 2.0. The “2.0” couldn’t be more fitting as it picks up where it’s predecessor left off and bolsters the boot into a next-gen stratosphere.

The subtle honeycomb upper is now replaced with more modern hexagonal,vary-zone arlaprene for enhanced ball manipulation. The visaro 2.0 is also equipped with a fresh foam EVA mid-sole for increased responsiveness. Lastly the new boot is rounded off with a transparent nylon sole-plate then dipped in a “Typhoon” and “Alpha Orange” colorway.  

  The New Balance Visaro 2.o is now available at select retailers and at


The LA Galaxy are the latest MLS team to unveil their 2017 secondary kit today with a clean and classy adidas strip that fittingly suits the clubs #outoftheblue campaign. The navy-blue dominance serves as the perfect backdrop to accentuate the Herbalife sponsorship, adidas branding, team crest and other unique details like the “This is LA” blast on the bottom left corner of the jersey. Another cool detail to note is the single gold star which sits above the team crest. It honors LA’s league best five MLS Cup titles. 

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adidas really went hard with this “Blue Blast” thing. Having given every street,cage and pitch silo a blast of blue, it is only fitting that the Three-Stripes give their less popular silo some deserved attention.

The Ace 17.1 Leather is a microcosm of the modern day soccer boot landscape. While it’s brother, the ACE 17+ Purecontrol features adidas’ most progressive tech, the ACE 17.1 Leather employs more classic elements. Out is the high collar, lace-less upper and prime-knit toe-box. In are the laces and a seamless, k-leather vamp for unparalleled touch.The boots upper is blue with a white leather toe-box and “shock pink” accents on the adidas branding. The sole-plate aptly rounds off the boot as it matches the upper’s fade from blue to white.

Ironically The Ace 17.1 Leather is often over looked but with the “Blue Blast” treatment we have a feeling that won’t be the case for much longer. They are now available at


Umbro’s  latest evoke a classic Holland Oranje swagger or Halloween vibes, depending on where your from. The “Orange Pop” Collection sees the Double-Diamond employ an underused colorway in a uniquely brash and subtle styling across their three main silos.

Umbro treat their trifecta like a gradient color-bar going from bright to subdued. The Velicoita, gets a very loud and copious dose of orange with black accents, fitting for a speed silo built for quick-footed wingers. Meeting in the middle we have the Medusa PRO which uses a 50/50 paint-job on a buttery k-leather upper for class with an orange panache. Last, we have the UX Accuro which turns down the “Orange Pop” opting  for a subdued matte-black finish.

The Umbro “Orange Pop” Collection is available now at

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