Today we welcome Alexeis Guererros of The Cooligans. He and his fellow comedian Christian Polanco host one of the funniest soccer podcast in the States. With much of their content revolving around the domestic game, Alexis gives us some insight on al things MLS and the current state of affairs in American soccer. We also recap our trip to Spain and talk the crazy Champions League knockout round.

“We saw a bit of a void with MLS. We are both latinos and we come from a certain area, we talk a certain way and MLS wasn’t really reaching us. So we thought lets do something”  – Alexis Guerreros on the how The Hooligans was created.


“People kept asking if I was ok or if I was nervous about the draw. To which I said absolutely not. That is the point of the Champions League. Two big clubs going at it and thats what this tie is.” – Andrew on Real Madrid drawing PSG in the round of 16.

“There’s just something about a Champions League night at the Bernabeu. It’s iconic and there’s definitely bit of magic to it.” – Anthony on watching the Real Madrid v Dortmund UCL match while in Madrid.


Today the guys get back on track after the holidays with the Spurs v Arsenal match, they get into Messi’s tussle with a linesman and of course, the brand new adidas Predator release.

“Honestly these were a bit underwhelming, as far looks go. But I’ve yet to try them on and one thing that is universal with every Predator model is the fit is second to none. ” – Anthony on the new adidas Predator

“Barcelona finally dropped points on a sketchy disallowed goal. Messi got into it with a linesman an the official didn’t back down. Always funny to see Barca fans complain about these things.” – A very happy Andrew on Barcelona’s troubles vs Valencia


Today we welcome highly successful Youtuber Zweback. He has garnered over 900,000 subscribers to his channel through entertain and comedic content all built around the FIFA video game series. The boys also World Cup qualifications and things get heated when the topic turns to the possibility of an NIT World Cup

“I remember the conversation I had with my boss. I couldn’t tell him I was starting a Youtube channel. Bro I told him I was going to work for Google. It was definitely an extension of the truth” – Zweback on quitting his job to pursue Youtube

“We romanticize soccer with these iconic clubs and players. It’s going to be weird not having Italy in the World Cup, but Sweden completely deserve it.” -Andrew on Sweden’s shock World Cup berth

“It’s an absolute embarrassment. I’ve never felt so embarrassed to be a supporter of the USMNT” – Andrew on the possibility of a World Cup NIT tournament.


Today the boys welcome Mike Labelle aka Hashtag Mike to the show. Mike is a youtube personality, professional gamer and FIFA video game streamer. He tells us about his plight in the world of gaming as well as FIFA 18 and much more. The guys also talk last weeks EPL match ups, MLS playoffs and more.


Mike Labelle took time out from his relentless schedule to chat FIFA 18 and the life of a professional youtube personality/gamer. ” I remember stringing this long ethernet cable and plugging it into my modem, this was before your Xbox had wifi built in”

With a slew of World Cup kit’s releasing Ant and Andrew got into the nuances and inspiration from many of the shirts. They also chose their favorites, Andrew had this to say ” I love these Belgium kits. They incorporate a classic and make it modern. I also love the team crest at the center of the chest.”  

KTTP RADIO EP 39 UCL, MLS & #SaveTheCrew

Today Anthony and Andrew get deep into Champions League talk after Madrid lose to Spurs plus more. They also touch on MLS playoffs and the Columbus Crew possibly moving.



Fresh off a historic Champions League win for Spurs, the crew discuss the weeks UCL action including the big match at Wembley. Our resident Madridista Andrew Medina had this to say: “Spurs deserved to win the game, they were the better team, but I haven’t seen Madrid play this poorly in years.”


#SaveTheCrew is a hot MLS topic at the moment. With talks of the Columbus Crew possibly moving to Austin, the guys chime in with the San Diego Chargers as an example. “It doesn’t always work for teams moving cities. Can Austin truly support an MLS Franchise?”



The adidas Soccer x David Beckham collection dropped with an aura of thick nostalgia. Ant and Drew rate each silo and rehash some memories of the Accelerator. ” Seeing David Beckham play in integral role in the creation of the collection was really cool. adidas did a great job not only in the execution, but in the documentation as well.”


It’s a packed house today as Patrick Aviles Supporter Relations at LAFC, talks to us about the Club’s focus on building a massive supporters group. KTTP founder Curtis Brown also joins, Andrew, Anthony and Rich to discuss the USMNT’s failure to qualify for the World Cup

KTTP RADIO EP 36 9-28-17

Today the boys get into Champions League, Including Real crushing Dortmund, Chelsea and Man City’s dominance along with PSG steam rolling. They also talk the latest drops including the Palace x Adidas retro and the Barney’s x Kappa capsule.


KTTP RADIO EP 34 9-14-17

Today we chat with Jesus and Alex from Bola. Bola is an LA based street soccer/freestyle contingent that competes in tournaments and competitions worldwide. They sat with us to discuss everything street soccer and much more. Later Andrew and Anthony discuss the week’s Champions League results as well as KTTP’s top 11 best kits of the season.